Be your dog's best friend

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We love dogs and we want them to be in good hands


Train your dog with our 170+ step by step lessons and training programs covering all ages of your dog’s life


Record your training and send us your videos. A professional dog trainer will review and give feedback.


Earn Rewards – Share your dog’s tributes and progress with friends and family on social media.

What do people say

”Finding validated and trustworthy knowledge is hard in today’s information society. An abundance of theories, myths and advice regarding dogs circulate the web, and a lot do more harm than good. It’s a huge welfare problem for dogs who risk being subjected to counterproductive treatment and training. Petli aims to solve this!”

— Caroline Alupo, co-founder of Petli

Easy-going & fun

Courses created by some of Swedens leading dog trainers

Step-by-step trainings with courses covering every life stage & theme courses

Articles, a dictionary and fun and enlightening activities

Coaching & exams

Exams in every course block, film your training and get feedback

Individualized tips and tricks

A finished exam gives you a medal to share on social media

Backed by science

Validated and backed by science

Created by ethologist, veterinarians and canine physiotherapist

Ethics, empathy and reward-based training

Our plans


$ 0
  • 40+ step-by-step trainings
  • Clicker in the phone
  • Articles & dog training dictionary


$ 9
99 Month
  • 170+ step-by-step trainings
  • Feedback from professional dog trainers
  • Courses for all ages backed by science
  • Clicker in the phone
  • Articles & dog training dictionary