This is what we're all about

Our Story

A fusion between tech and science.

Petli was born in late 2020 when growth hacker and tech entrepreneur Shahin Baharan reached out to ethologist and dog psychologist Caroline Alupo. Shahin had recently tried to help his parents buy a dog and to do so he ploughed the net for information. He experienced a tangled web of scattered ”knowledge” that was unvalidated and possibly unreliable. 


I realized how difficult this process must be for so many. It can result in people getting dogs that don’t suit them or demand more than they can offer.”, says Shahin. 


The insight led to the idea of a digitized solution. A dog app where assured, qualitative knowledge is gathered in a fun and easy to grasp format.


Caroline, who has worked in the dog industry for over 17 years and has a master’s degree in ethology, had encountered the same issue and considered it to risk the welfare of dogs. She has met thousands of dog parents seeking knowledge and training advice online often ending up with inaccurate information doing more harm than good. 


”This has long been an animal welfare problem that has grown during the pandemic as dog purchases have increased drastically.”, says Caroline.


United Caroline and Shahin had the solution to the problem. A fusion of tech and science. Together they founded Petli! The combination of tech expertise and dog knowledge quickly became a hit. They soon had the privilege of choosing from investors believing in their vision.

Six months later, Caroline and Shahin had gathered a team of Sweden’s leading dog trainers, developers, programmers and product designers. A team passionately dedicated to helping people become their dog’s best friend.

Our values

Dogs are sentient beings with needs and wishes.

They may not have rights yet, but we have obligations. Dogs have walked alongside us for thousands of years. Improving mankind’s viability and prosperity. Petli wants to return the favour by raising awareness and enlightening dog parents. Science has proven that dogs have a rich emotional life and thrive in a considerate, respectful and positive atmosphere. Therefore the core of Petli is ethology, reward based dog and ethical training and a cause oriented and holistic approach to behavioural problems. Petli’s in-house content producers are professional, quality controlled dog trainers, ethologists, veterinarians and dog physiotherapists. And we solemnly collaborate with well educated dog experts sharing our ethical values.

Our vision

To help dog parents become their dog’s best friend.

Mankind and dogs have co-evolved, and still do so. Throughout our common history canines have been our loyal companions. Our best friends. Now, it’s time for us to become theirs. But it’s not as easy as it might sound. Today’s information society makes it hard. Opinions and beliefs can’t be told from facts. People and dogs are struggling and Petli is here to help dog parents become their dogs best friend. “We believe Petli can bring out the best in dogs by enlightening the fellow humans.”, says Shahin and Caroline.

Our mission

We democratize knowledge.

Petli is on a mission to make dog life a bliss. To do so we validate and centralize dog science such as veterinary medicine, applied ethology, dog psychology and learning theory. We have intertwined science and tech and produced a gamified, personalized and easy to grasp knowledge bank in a mobile service. We make ethical training methods and modern dog knowledge accessible and understandable to all. At Petli we believe in making the complex simple.

The Petli app

Enhancing everyday life with your dog.

With the Petli app in hand, dog owners have instant access to a vast amount of scientifically based knowledge in a simplified and fun format. Our product helps those who interact with or want to understand dogs on a deeper level as well as solve everyday dilemmas. Crucial concepts in dog behaviour, care and ethical training are centralized as an invaluable tool improving everyday dog life. 


Petli holds an aspiring dog owner’s hand when deliberating getting a pooch, thereafter when choosing breed and of course from puppyhood all the way to senior years. This is the all-in-one dog app leaving little to chance.



The Petli app saves dog parents time, money and headaches while securing the welfare of dogs. Problem solving as well as proactive training is part of Petlis strategy, to minimise the development of behavioural problems and other stress related issues. All to keep dogs compliant, self confident, happy and healthy. The app will benefit the dog parent and his/her four legged friend, but also improve dogs overall status in our society.

Petli users have access to:

– A wide range of courses created by some of Sweden’s best dog trainers

– Educational programs covering puppyhood to senior years

– Individualized feedback on their dog training from Petlis professionals

– The possibility to take exams and earn medals shareable on social media

– A solid library of articles

– An archive full of written and filmed step-by-step training instructions